The next day we had a date in Halifax with our favourite new General – Stéphane Masson.  I don’t play favourites in my job but I worked with Stéphane all last year and he was the energy behind the whole 150th celebration.  He is, however, too modest to ever take credit for that.  As any rate, I had never met him in person, so we took the day to walk all around the Halifax Harbour (over 16K steps by the way), including a visit to the Citadel, until it was time to meet for dinner.  He just recently got promoted and sent to command the Atlantic region, so it was his first day on the job.  I am glad we got to celebrate that moment.

Of course, we couldn’t miss dropping in to 1st Field Artillery Regiment in Halifax (just outside, really).  The good Colonel spent 2 hours with us and made us feel so very welcomed.  Most of the gunners were away on course, but we got to catch up with some of them later in the trip.