As we made our way south to Halifax, we stopped in Truro for some gas and information. We were once again distracted by a local happening – the New Glasgow Ribfest!  If you haven’t been to a ribfest yet, they are fundraisers put on all over Canada which include yummy ribs, live music and a generous amount of family friendly fun.  The last one we attended (and volunteered for) was the Langley Ribfest in 2019. So when I saw a sign of a local ribfest, we turned the car back in the direction of New Glasgow and had ourselves a mini-feast!

After that, we found our way to our campsite and had a nice swim in the pool as the temperature that day was well into the mid-30s.  Humidity can be high in the Maritimes, so that makes it extra hot!

The next day, we drove to visit our friends Mike and Lorraine in Halifax where we enjoyed their hospitality and a home cooked meal.  Mike outdid himself, cooking in very hot and humid conditions.  The conversation was lively, as it always it with these 2 friends that I met in Cuba in 2007.  Gosh, that friendship is older than my marriage to Leon.  Wow!  We talked about going on a river cruise with them next year.  We’ve never cruised before, but this would certainly be something to consider.