My new favourite website

UluruNightCrowd1I told you that Leon was planning a whopper of a holiday for 2015. Well you can find out what the plans are at his new website

Let me just say that it involves the Southern Hemisphere, a campervan or several, lots of starry nights, some visits with some old friends and making a bunch of new ones.  Of course there will be good wine and some equally excellent beaches.  Interested? You might even think about joining us for this one.  Go check it out –!

6 thoughts on “My new favourite website

  1. You may have your reasons but Week 5 could I suggest Great Ocean road to Melb then Bendigo to bright to Canberra to save some Ks. ?? Unless there are dates you are targeting…

    Donna Stewart
    Teacher – Librarian
    Catholic College Bendigo

    ‘Live the Good News’

    La Valla (Yrs 7-9): Ph: 03 5449 3466
    Coolock (Yrs 10-12): Ph: 03 5445 9100
    Finance Office: Ph: 03 5445 9191


    • It’s worth visiting! The stars at night are so incredible. The monolith is a spiritual site and you can sense that when you walk around it.


  2. Hi there
    All sounds good but we think you are trying to do too much and not leaving enough time to enjoy things. Long distances many days. And only one day in Bendigo!!


    • I’ll mention that to Leon. I think we would stay longer so we could visit with our friends in Victoria. Or perhaps they would like to join us for the trip?


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