Our itinerary was posted on my last blog post but of course, Leon and I never do things according to planned, especially when we are travelling in Roadie.  As we left Orleans yesterday morning, rather late, we started to think that driving down the 401 through Toronto would not be the most relaxing way to start our vacation.  So we decided to cross the border at Ogdensburg, NY and make our way south west towards Nebraska, the black hole in our travels west.  In no time, it occurred to me that we would be passing near Rochester, NY, where our old buddy George, the Air Canada pilot often spends his days off with his fiancee Julia, lives.  A quick text message confirmed my suspicions and we were cordially invited to stay for dinner and the night at Julia’s.  I have so often seen George post on Facebook about his cooking, so I knew we were in for a Greek feast!

george and gang selfieWe got there around 5pm and didn’t waste any time uncorking the wine, enjoying Julia’s homemade guacamole and catching up with our friends.  The table was set on the patio, but the weather had other ideas.  Over and over again, lighting flashed and thunder roared.  George persisted in barbecuing while we kept taking the food and drinks in and out, hoping to be able to enjoy the warm evening.

Several bottles of wine later, dinner was served (inside) and we enjoyed a fabulous Greek meal complete with lots of garlic.  Unfortunately, Julia had to work on Monday, so we called it a night sometime before 11pm.  That was probably a wise decision as we did want to get on the road at a reasonable hour.  the feast

The next morning, we woke around 7am and joined George for a nice breakfast (another feast, this one Romanian style) on the patio.  That George sure uses a lot of olive oil but I can’t get enough of it.  Finally, we said our farewells and made it onto the highway, heading west towards Lake Erie.