Small milestone

My blog hit 400 comments today and I am well on my way to 15000 views.  Thanks for dropping by!

In the coming weeks, we will be on our summer roadtrip 2014.  This year we are headed west to the Gulf Islands, BC then plan to take the ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert followed by a ferry to Haida Gwaii. Looking forward to lots of great seafood again and some good times with Leon’s family in the lower mainland.  On the way, we want to drive through Nebraska as it seems we missed the whole state each time we’ve driven west.  Any suggestions for stops in Nebraska?

8 thoughts on “Small milestone

  1. I love road trips. Hope yours is wonderful. About Nebraska–on I-80 near Kearney, there is The Archway. It is a large wooden, arch museum that goes over I-80. A museum depicting early Nebraska. Pilgrims, Mormans going to Utah, etc. I visited it shortly after it open in 1999 or 2000. I enjoy it, but of course, don’t remember everything. About $12. If you are traveling I-80 you might want to consider it. I enjoy it enough that I will probably return. Also on I-80, closer to Colorado, in the town of Paxton is a different restaurant/bar. Ollie’s. Ollie was a hunter. So many animals shot by Ollie are stuffed in the bar. The restaurant/bar is in town, just a few miles from I-80. Many birds, animals from American plains, and many from Africa. Depending on your preference, it is something not to be seen very often. Enjoy your trip whatever you decide to see.

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  2. I made the map with Google Maps. Not hard at all. It’s a very quick attempt and shows so little details of where we are going. I will create a much better one in future weeks so my audience can follow along. I might even give it its own page on the blog.

    As for Labrador, you are a better man than me. All those black flies!! I hope Helen doesn’t divorce you after this. Key West sounds much more civilized. Get out to see the Magdalen Islands if you can while you are on the east coast.


  3. OK Catherine! I’m very envious of your map! I’ve been trying several map apps including Zee maps without the success I want. I’m basically trying to do the same as your blog map, but blogspot seems to have a few more hurdles.
    I think we will try and finish our trip to Labrador via Blanc-Sablon barring any more forest fires.


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