Experimenting with picture editors

I haven’t been happy with the display capabilities of WordPress when posting pictures to my blog. So here’s an experiment, just to see how it turns out.

picmonkey.com is what I used to create this collage.

picmonkey.com is what I used to create this collage.

Leave me a comment as to how you like this so far.  I’ll keep experimenting.  By the way, isn’t that man standing beside me terribly dashing?  I think so.

11 thoughts on “Experimenting with picture editors

  1. Hi…I am responding to your comment on my blog here, because WordPress doesn’t leave an email address with comments. I don’t know much about WordPress, but I have heard it isn’t user friendly. In blogger, I load all the pictures for my post at once and then write the post around each one. Every other week I have a post called “ask the world a question”. You can ask something about WordPress and see if anyone who has WordPress can help. You might be better off doing the next Friday question post on May 3rd. The first few days of those posts are really busy.
    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help


  2. Catherine I findthe originals more user friendly…I can click …separate out of the main body….. enlarge etc. I can even look at Leon….(he guy without the hat)….. medals….!!! Brian


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