After we left the Halifax area, we made our way to Mahone Bay, that quaint little town near Lunenberg.  We spent time wandering around town, looking in the shops that have remained open.  There are a number that are closed since the pandemic, as well as restaurants.  Too bad.

After that we were off to our Harvest Host for the evening, just outside Mahone Bay.  It was a farm with some chicken and ducks and a very interesting trail called the Action Figure Forest.  Our hosts were so friendly, they even offered us so fresh beets and explained how to roast them.  The result was a delicious dinner and a delightful stay.

We then managed to visit with the Gunners in Yarmouth.  Again, most of them were away on course, but I did get a chance to meet MCpl Martell, probably one of the best photographers and a huge source of many of the photos I’ve used in my work publications.  Yarmouth has an older armoury with a particularly old mess building.  It should have been torn down but it’s full of asbestos (so we are told), so no one will mess with it. (See what I did there?)

That night, we were expected at Mark and Lorraine’s house for dinner (not to be confused with Mike and Lorraine in Halifax).  Mark and Leon served in Bosnia together in the 1990s.  This was actually the first time I had ever met anyone who shared that common experience with Leon.  Their home is on a lake.  It is a beautiful, very large, log cabin.  Dinner was very delicious.  Mark did all the cooking.  Wow!  And seafood no less.

We parted ways in the morning having been given some great travel tips for the region.