Well actually, yesterday was May Day.  It’s just been the kind of 2 weeks that I haven’t been able to sit down at my computer for more than catching up on school work.  You might remember that I was also taking an online course with WordPress #blogging201, so now I have a new Twitter account for my blog (@twmupsidedown), a link from my blog to Facebook, a link from my Facebook page to Twitter and a Twitter feed on this blog.  In other words, you can’t escape my presence on the net!

Along with these changes, I’ve been busy with some upcoming changes at home.  First, my lovely daughter is moving out, officially on Monday.  Tonight, we have a painting party planned to spruce up a couple of walls before the larger pieces of furniture arrive this weekend.  I’ve also been assembling items to send off with her like a coffee maker, the fondue pot that only she uses and other assorted items that will get more use at her home.  She has claimed the 40 inch TV for herself, leaving Leon and I to buy a newer model for ourselves.  Without wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, there will be a redecorating process going on in her bedroom which will involve converting the room to a den for Leon and I.  After all, it is the only room in the house with a window on the sunny side of the property.  I can imagine myself sitting there with a book or my iPad, reading, curled up like an old cat.

In addition, we have been very busy planning our ensuite bathroom renovation.  We have now chosen tiles, vanity, toilet and plumbing fixtures.  Demolition is scheduled to start the day after Ariane moves as we will need the trailer to move the construction waste to the dump.  In anticipation of these changes, Leon has built me a lovely window seat in the bedroom where 2 old chairs once took up too much room.  I made a seat cushion last weekend and hope to complete the matching pillows this weekend (in my spare time, of course!  And you wonder why I don’t blog daily??).

I picked out the fabric for the cushion and pillows last week with the help of my colour-blind son.  He was very helpful.  When we got home, we found the fabric to be a perfect compliment to the finishings I have chosen for the ensuite.  I can’t imagine how he did that.  I told Earl he might have a career as the colour-blind designer.  He didn’t think it was a good marketing approach. Humm….

I will post pictures of the renos and improvements as they progress.  And in case you think I have given up on my summer travel plans, fear not!  Leon has already drafted the itinerary and we plan on leaving for the west for our “Tour of the North Pacific Riviera” (I’ve got to come up with a catchier name for that) as soon as school is done in June.  This year, we plan on leaving the camper “Roadie” in BC and flying home.  After all, we are planning to be in Australia for the following summer, so we didn’t see the point of having a lovely camper sit in storage for 18 months when our family out west can enjoy it.  So for now, we’ve got our flight home booked.  I’ll post all the details of our trip plans as they firm up, but right now, I have a painting party to get to.