The Princess Mary Christmas Gift Box

As a follow up to my post on the Army Ball 2014, I wanted to share a conversation Leon had via Facebook.  Leon shared by blog posted and a friend of his commented with the following:Princess Mary Box3Princess Mary Box2

Princess Mary Box1


So there are still some of these original boxes to be found around the world.  As a matter of fact, you can find them quite readily for sale on the internet. What a legacy this young princess started all those years ago!  Just think of what those gift boxes would have meant to military men and women who served that first Christmas of WWI.

5 thoughts on “The Princess Mary Christmas Gift Box

      • On a different topic – how are you doing out there? Getting ready to move further east again, like NZ?
        I’ve been on #blogging201 and have read some interesting ideas on how to brand my blog. I have to say I’ve noticed you are already doing so much of it. You’re so tech smart! We’ll have to get together (online) and do that guest blog post soon. Hubby has been working on his website and I am thinking it’s about ripe for a guest blogger to show up. Email me at @ and we can discuss it further. And keep an eye out for those mobs of roos!


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