Earl P. CarriereLast night, Leon and I had the privilege of hosting the first ever Orleans Indie Film Festival in our media room.  Guests included Ariane and Nick, Bradyn, Leon and our short film writer/director – Earl P. Carriere.  Earl had just recently completed his feature film (the night before) so it seemed like the perfect time to introduce this new talent.  Besides, the rest of the family was gathering for Easter dinner, so we had an appreciative audience at the ready.

The evening began with cocktails from our mixologist, Bradyn.  Chocolatini was an appropriate choice seeing it was Easter.  Some of the guests preferred a nice glass of wine, except for our ever-sober guest of honour.  Earl had his own version of the chocolatini – chocolate milk with dark chocolate shavings.  Elegant and classic!The appreciative audience

The artist introduced his film Consequence and thanked all those involved in the project for their help and support.  We all cheered as the lights were dimmed and the short film started.  Of course, we were impressed by the storyline, the acting and the smooth transitions in the scenes.  Having participated in some of the filming, I knew just how many takes were required to create the shortest of scenes.  The movie left us wanting to find out what happens next – a good sign for any scriptwriter.

bisque chefWe continued the evening with a lovely dinner of stuffed baked salmon. The menu was:

  • International Cheese Plate with baguette française
  • Seafood bisque à la provençale
  • Salad of spring greens with feta, strawberries and walnuts, Maple-balsamic vinaigrette
  • Steamed asparagus, baked cauliflower, fingerlings potatoes
  • Stuffed baked Atlantic salmon with lemon-dill hollandaise
  • French vanilla ice cream with strawberry vanilla coulisstuffed salmon

During dinner, we decided we should continue our evening of viewing by putting on a classic, Monty Python’s The Life of Brian.  It turns out I remembered it a lot funnier than it was.  Oh well, let’s hope Earl P. Carriere will be a bright light in the movie industry and his work will have longevity.

Do take the time to view Earl’s movie – Consequence and leave a comment.

Happy Easter to all!