Whenever we park Roadie for the night, we usually have to connect our water hose so we can use the campground water.  That causes a few air bubbles to come up the hose when I first turn the tap on in the kitchen.  Leon warns me all the time and you’d think I’d remember after 4 weeks of travelling, but noooo!

As I did my usual kitchen clean up after we arrived at our camping in Pomona, CA.  If you are wondering why I would clean up when we arrive rather than leave a campground, those are usually dishes left from breakfast and lunch eaten on the road.  I clean up before I cook dinner at times so that I have more room in the kitchen. Wanting to empty to coffee grinds from our small French press pot into the toilet, I put the pot right close to the tap and turned it on full.  I got the biggest explosion of air, water and coffee you could imagine.  It covered the whole kitchen, including the drapes, and parts of me.  The other thing to explode was my language.  I am not given to swearing but once in a while…

coffee messI cleaned up the mess but the curtains are stained.  And along with my foul words came a complaint to Leon about how much I hate those stupid coffee grinds that I clean up once or twice a day.  Poor guy, now he won’t drink coffee in the morning and has switched to tea.  What a witch eh?

Such is the life in a small RV where space is limited and a few coffee grinds were enough to break this camel’s back. By the way, I don’t think I would ever be a good barista!