In the morning, we stopped in Port Maitland for a quick walk on the beach.  Mark had told us his family was from there.  We had a lovely chat with the lifeguards, who weren’t terribly busy.  You can see from the pictures that the weather had changed, so few people were enjoying the lovely beach.  We did, however, manage to get a tip on where to get our next lobster.  A bit further up on the coast.

Said lobster was eaten that night at the campground just outside of Digby, closer to Port Royal.  Now Port Royal is a wonderful, picturesque town where we spent a few hours, with me reading just about everything inside the museum – Fort Anne National Historic Site.  The views from this former coastal fort are stunning.

Again, let me back up and tell you about another historic site we visited.  It’s called Habitation.  It was a French settlement where Champlain spent some time in his travels.  He was a cartographer, not a settler, so he didn’t stay long in the places he explored.  But he did stay here for a winter.  A cool place to visit!

But back to our lobster quest for a moment – the nice lady at the campground (where we decided to stay a second night) pointed us to a small lobster market in Parkers Cove.  We drove there only to find it was 5 minutes past closing time.  No worries – I asked the people outside if they had any scallops for sale (Digby scallops are renowned, and I really was hoping for scallops). The nice man told me he did have some frozen scallops but what he had more of was freshly cooked lobster, on sale!!!!  What??? Ok, at $2 each, I bought 6, which is all I could fit into our fridge.  Now, I’ve bought lobster at the store for $6/lb in past years, but they were canners (3/4lb).  These were 1lb or more each!  We pigged out on lobster for 2 nights running.  The butter ran out.  I have never gone through so much butter in my life.  It was all delicious!