What? I got so busy I forgot to upload the BCETA newsletters for winter, spring and summer 2018. Well, now you have a lot to read and catch up on. We haven’t stopped spending time with some of our favourite people since we left Australia on Jan 31.

We had visitors from Healesville (Mary Moore and Adam Smith), former exchange teachers from Ontario (Bill and Jeanette Avery) and are expecting some Aussie blogging buddies to visit in July.

In the meantime, we had an incredible weekend in Victoria for our annual BC Exchange Teachers’ conference! The weather couldn’t have been better. Leon forgot his hat (yes, the great Aussie hat in the picture above) and burned his cranium as he conducted a tour of the city on day 2 of the conference.  Not to worry, he has recovered nicely. All for a good cause! Oh, and we moved into our new home in February. More on our home and upcoming summer trip (it’s a whopper!) soon.

Download the newsletters here and read up! There is no quiz after, promise.