flight-to-rhodesIf you like castles, Rhodes is the place to visit. We arrived late afternoon from Crete and found our hotel just north of the airport in Ialysos. The owner of the hotel was quite interesting, having been a sailor, chef, hotelier and great collector of minerals and fossils. He built the hotel himself on his family land and opened a museum for his large collection of rocks and fossils in the basement of the building. We sat for a glass of wine and chatted at length about Vancouver and politics. Note: don’t discuss politics with Greeks. They are rather touchy about the almost 400 yrs of Turkish occupation, especially in Rhodes where they are so close to Turkey. 

It turned out that the owners had lived in the Netherlands for many years, so dinner was  a selection of Beef Rendang and Curried Chicken with spicy green beans and jasmine rice. Unexpected and so delicious for the gluten free people in our party of two! After dinner, we were invited to see the enormous and amazing collection of minerals and fossils the owner had collected all over the world. Many of his items would now have to be held in a government museum as they can no longer be traded, so we were fortunate to get a tour of this private museum.

The next day, we drove up into the high hills to find our villa. The buildings are newly constructed in the old Rodian style, thick walls and a lot of concrete inside. I would say it was designed to be a passive solar home. Our 2 bedroom home was tastefully decorated and well equipped. In the morning, the owner arrived with a warm loaf of traditional bread and a wifi hotspot device. He made sure we had plenty of info about what to see on the island.

But before we checked into our villa, we decided to go to the beach for the afternoon and then buy some groceries in town. For the first time in several days, I got to cook our breakfasts and make a simple dinner of ham, cheese, bread, and my favourite snack – dolmadakia (they come in a can you know!). Of course, a good Rodian wine was served with dinner.