Rhodes was a whole other kind of island, filled with castles and much history. The hotel we rented was actually a small house, situated in an olive grove. The house and the rest of the agro-tourism complex were built in the traditional Rodian style, with thick stone walls, lots of polished concrete and about anything we could want in a vacation rental. We spent a few days in Rhodes, touring in our rental car. I am sure we saw places the cruise ship passengers never get to visit.

Turning my world upside down!

flight-to-rhodesIf you like castles, Rhodes is the place to visit. We arrived late afternoon from Crete and found our hotel just north of the airport in Ialysos. The owner of the hotel was quite interesting, having been a sailor, chef, hotelier and great collector of minerals and fossils. He built the hotel himself on his family land and opened a museum for his large collection of rocks and fossils in the basement of the building. We sat for a glass of wine and chatted at length about Vancouver and politics. Note: don’t discuss politics with Greeks. They are rather touchy about the almost 400 yrs of Turkish occupation, especially in Rhodes where they are so close to Turkey. 

It turned out that the owners had lived in the Netherlands for many years, so dinner was  a selection of Beef Rendang and Curried Chicken with spicy green beans and…

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