Perhaps the most striking facet of our Greek trip – the ruins! Some Brits who were staying at our hotel told us to just drive a few kms out of Matala and see the remnants of ancient temples, just there, in an olive grove! We were amazed!

Turning my world upside down!

ayii-deka-churchThe next morning, we planned to visit some neighbouring ruins. We ended up in Ayii Deka, where 10 martyrs were executed around 250 AD. They have built a church at the exact site of their execution which has been standing for about 800 yrs, although the clock on the bell tower looks no older than 30 yrs to me.The church is in a little square where older buildings are in various degrees of disrepair. I popped my head into a doorway and had a nice chat with a man who was busy renovating or restoring the courtyard of a home for his sister in France to use. He told me the building was actually built in 1954 but the heritage society had found something that looked Roman on site, so that had caused a 4 yr delay in the reno. Never buy a heritage home, I say! But seriously, theā€¦

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