beach-in-rhodes-cityOn day 2 of our adventure, we drove into Rhodes City to visit the old town and the Palace of the Knights of St.John.  Parking in the city can be a bit of a problem, especially on a Friday afternoon, but we managed to find a spot close to the city beach and harbour.  I was continually struck my the colour of the water, even in a busy port area.  The beach would not be to my taste but clearly others didn’t mind cooling off in the hot midday sun.

There was much to see inside the walls of the old city, including the museum of archaeology where many of the artifacts found in local ancient towns (Mycenaean, Doric, Roman and Medieval) are stored. Stopping inside these old buildings is often the best way to get away from the hot sun. The city itself contains influence left behind by its various conquerors – Romans, Ottomans, Persians, even Mussolini occupied Rhodes during WWII. Thus you can see the influence of their various styles, including minarets on an ancient mosque.

The day went quickly and we were happy to end it with a brisk swim in the pool.

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