We left our friend Brian’s Gaspésie summer house 2 days ago.  We rounded the Baie des Chaleurs until we crossed over into New Brunswick at Campbelltown.  Leon takes me to the most interesting places (when he isn’t stopping at a beach to let me walk on it).  This visit was a cemetery where a famous Gunner, Capt Oliver Mowat, was buried.  We parked the camper and wandered all through the gravesites in wet grass to finally locate the gravestone we had come to see.  Leon has this touching habit of visiting gravesites of dead Gunners, just so they aren’t forgotten.  Anyway, mission accomplished, we had our requisite lunch of peanut butter (on bread, crackers, whatever is gluten free for me) and tea (or coffee) from Timmy’s.  It’s not always gourmet lobster dinners, eh?

Nothing cosier than that upper bunk on a sunny day

We drove east and then south along the Starfish route till we found our Harvest Host for the night, Ocean River RV Park.  We were asked to park in the grassy field (where a multitude of mosquitoes greeted us).  I was sleepy from too much wine and lobster at Brian’s, so we popped the top on our camper and had the loveliest little nap in the upper bunk.  We followed up with a drink on the outdoor terrace at the campground and a wonderful chat with the manager – Christopher Sweet (published author, look it up!).

A quick drink at the outdoor bar at this Harvest Host. Quick because the mosquitoes were about to come out once the sun started to set.

One lobster each in this NB stop. And fresh veggies from local producers.

After a lobster feast and a good game of scrabble, we slept like a log.

The next morning, we said our goodbyes and headed along the Starfish road towards Bouctouche.  I’d never been there but remembered that friends had family with a beach cottage in that area.  They do indeed have a lovely stretch of beach.  Being along the Northumberland Straits, the water is reasonably warm. 

After checking in to the last spot they had for the night (it is a long weekend in NB), we put a load of laundry in and took our bikes over to the beach and had that walk that Leon always plans for, just because he knows I love beaches. The rustic camping (read no services) was great and we even managed to get a nice walk in without dodging mosquitoes.  All in all, a lovely stay.

Judging from the utensils, I’d say we were having lobster, again!

In the morning, our neighbours were packing up their tents. I have to say they were quite entertaining to watch as they tried not to be too loud in the middle of a blowup fight. I don’t think the weekend will be their fondest memory.