What could be more charming than this summer kitchen?

In our usual way, we advised Brian we would be visiting his Quebec home (he lives in BC the rest of the time) the night before we arrived.  Brian was up to the challenge and had 3 very large lobsters waiting for us to share when we got there. His QC home is the legacy of his father.  He explained that once his father retired in the 1960s, he started building things.  The 3 structures sit high atop the mouth of the Cascapédia River, with the most amazing view of the mountains and the town of Maria below.

The star attraction for me (other than the humongous lobsters) was the summer kitchen.  This structure featured 3 windowed sides with a front porch that could be described as an outdoor bar.  The inside was furnished with a full kitchen, including 2 vintage refrigerators. Everything was blue and white.  Brian told us the shade of blue was very specific.  I just loved the atmosphere of this place and we enjoyed a wonderful night full of lobster, wine and great stories.

View of the Cascapédia River