We’ve had such a whirlwind trip so far, I haven’t had a chance to sit and write. Tonight, we are at a Harvest Host called Sisterhood Fibres. It features a lovely yarn shop and an especially hungry pack of mosquitoes. Let me focus on the fibres rather than the mosquito bites. I bought myself a couple of skeins of yarn at the shop before settling in for a quiet evening, fully inside our camper. Dinner will be a salad with chicken, all ingredients that were prepared last night.

If you haven’t guessed it, we’ve been eating lobster since we got to Gaspésie last week.  Each day, we couldn’t resist buying lobster for our dinner, except today when I insisted Leon have a lobster roll in Shediac, the lobster capital of NB.  It was far overpriced and not nearly as satisfying as the lobster and butter dinners we’ve been enjoying in our condo on wheels.

Shediac, home of the world’s largest lobster and the lobster capital of New Brunswick

On the way here from our camping stop last night in Bouctouche, we followed the coastal route as is our habit and found the Jost Winery, just a few km away from our evening stop.  Yes, we tried a few samples, and of course we bought a few bottles.  Did you know Jost is the 6th biggest winery in Canada?  Neither did we, but I know I’ve seen their brand before.  Likely during a previous trip east.

That little pink can contains some rosé goodness!