As the days went on, we started to try more and more beaches. The water was surprisingly warm, and so clear!
I often had trouble navigating the entry and exit into the water, especially if there were waves or if the rock bottom was loose. The same problem occurred as I walked among the ruins, or tried to climb into a castle that seemed to have an entrance fit for a goat.
I was about to discover the cause of my uncooperative legs and ever increasing poor balance when we returned from our Greek holiday.

Turning my world upside down!

lindosDay 3 in Rhodes, we decided to visit the beautiful coastal town of Lindos. The traditional houses look like sugar cubes below the Acropolis. It was far too busy to even park the car, and most of the town is closed to car traffic, so we took a few pictures from a nearby viewpoint and moved further south.

As a point of interest, Rhodes looks very different from east to west. We stayed on the more natural, wild West coast, where the sea is so turquoise but sometimes milky because of the current hitting the underwater rocks.  The east side, especially the northeast, is very touristy with many high rise hotels and resorts.  In the middle of the island, there are tall peaks, many of which are covered with pine forests. 

beach-bar-rhodesThe east side does have the advantage of very clear waters. On this day, we found…

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