We continued to enjoy touring Rhodes with its ruins and castles. This post describes my feelings about the difficulties of visiting some ruins.
Oh but look at the colour of that water! I can understand why Rhodes was invaded and conquered so many times in its history.

Turning my world upside down!

rhodes-ruins2On our last day in Rhodes, we decided to have a morning swim at the pool then check out and visit nearby ancient cities. We went to Ancient Kamiros, built along a hillside in a traditional Hellenic style. The town is still very well preserved even though you can tell the archaeologists have left their mark and some structures have been shored up to preserve them. We walked along the city perimeter and got a good sense of the size of this ancient town.  By the way, it is hot in Greece! Going up and down stairs and hills is thirsty work, so we stop often for water or a lemonade.

We still had some time before our late afternoon flight back to Athens, so we drove to Kritinia, an imposing 15th century castle meant to warn against pirate attacks. Some of the stairway up to the castle is…

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