I wasn’t quite ready to return to the mainland, so I convinced Leon we could put Athens and the Acropolis off a few more days. Off we went to another island, but not without some drama first!

Turning my world upside down!

Hello my friends! Stressed today? Here, put yourself in my place and enjoy 30 seconds of peaceful waves on Aegina Island in Greece. Pretend that those are your feet. Aaaaaaahhhhhh, isn’t that soothing?


I am sitting on the beach on the island of Aegina, close to Piraeus, the major port of Greece. It’s probably our last day on the beach this vacation and this year. Tomorrow we move on to the big city for the last 2 nights of our holiday. We were meant to visit Athens for 5 days after our stop in Rhodes, but the thought of going back to the noise and confusion of city life didn’t appeal to me after these most glorious sun washed days.

We flew into Athens 2 nights ago and took the train and subway to our hotel in Piraeus. We figured it would be easier to get a morning ferry…

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