Vikings1We took another drive out to visit the Viking Centre in Ribe. That was a pretty terrific day! The center is very authentic with lots of buildings and re-enactors. You can see in one picture how they are decorating the exterior of the church. Women are painstakingly painting all the ornamentation.

There were interactive displays of cooking, weapons and tool-making for the kids to get involved in.


I bought some hand spun yarn from a lady from Estonia along with a nalebinding needle to try my hand at the predecessor of knitting and crochet. I’ve since looked up the instructions and it seems rather complex to me. Perhaps something to try at home with scrap yarn.

The highlight of the day was probably the falconry show. We were shown an owl, a falcon and a hawk and told about the traditional hunting methods of the Vikings. Two of the grandkids got a chance to “catch” the owl as it was called over to them. Amazing to watch!

On the way out of the village, Leon and I stopped in Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark. We walked through the old town, took pictures and Leon bought some nice bread for lunch the next day.