Jutland – beaches and Lego

Legoland sign.jpgFrom Praesto we drove through the Danish countryside and over a very long bridge to the west coast of Jutland. This is where our next rental home was located. At this point, all 12 of us were gathered to enjoy a beach holiday. The house was a former store. Rather quirky but roomy enough.

lighthouse on bridge from Jutland to Zealand

The next day we went off to Legoland, about 1.5 hrs away. Of course this was a great day for the grandkids to enjoy. I was impressed with the Lego villages they made that reproduced major cities in the area. There are many moving parts, so for instance, you would see the airplanes get de-iced at the airport or the tour boats come down the harbour in Nyhavn.

It was a good day. Everyone went home tired. We were glad we had visited on the first Monday that school started in Denmark and avoided the crowds.

Legoland 5

And I found the Little Mermaid, right there outside Copenhagen habour, just as it is in real life.

On the way home, we went to a giant mall and ended up with lots of food for the family. We found a Bilka store, something like a Costco.  Believe me, I’ve never cooked so much food for so many people. The menu was mostly pork, roasted, fried, Danish meatballs, cooked as bacon, ham for open faced sandwiches. You name it. Ask me if I want to eat pork ever again…

4 thoughts on “Jutland – beaches and Lego

    • Internet is usually great everywhere. We also have a sim card with 10G we use as a GPS as well. So different from the US and Canada. We have a lot to learn in some respects.

      And the house rental was just perfect! Will do it again. Actually we are doing it right now in France. We have the most perfect one bedroom cottage at St. Aubin sur Mer, just one block from the sea.


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