Praesto 8On the last day in the Copenhagen area, we checked out of our house and drove south to the small town of Praesto to visit Leon’s first cousin Bendt and his wife Inge.  They had invited their own children and grandkids for a big Sunday Smorrebrod (open faced Danish sandwiches). Their home is the grandfather’s farmhouse which has been rebuilt after a fire. The back of the house is actually the old pigstye (all renovated). Bendt also owns the houses next door, one of which we stayed in for the night.  The whole property overlooks the fjord.  It’s pretty amazing!

After a huge meal, we all walked down to the Witch’s Tree.  This is a very old oak tree (about 600 yrs old) that has a split in the branches. People used to walk over the split for good luck such as improved health. In more recent years, they started leaving different items of clothing like socks and underwear.  The tree has lost some limbs so there is nothing to walk over, but some items of clothing, mostly rags remain.

Along the walk, I was fascinated with the thatched roofs. We walked past a beautiful traditional home. Bendt told me that the top part of the roof is more vulnerable to leaks, so the thatch material is different there. That’s why it is held down with the wooden pieces. I can’t get over how beautiful those roofs are.