den blue planetAfter a good sleep, we visited Copenhagen and surrounding areas. Our rental house was located near the commuter train, so it was easy to make it to the airport area where we visited Den Blau Planet – the aquarium.

view from aquarium

The Copenhagen Aquarium reminded me very much of the new aquarium in Toronto. It has a glass tunnel that you walk through which allows you to look up at the many sharks and other large fish.  Of course the grandkids loved it all! We had our boxed lunch sitting outside in the sunshine, looking at the view across the sea where wind turbines twirled happily.

little mermaid

Later on, we took another train into the city and walked through Nyhavn, some of the downtown shopping areas and towards the port where the Little Mermaid sits.  I was in Denmark in 2010 but the Little Mermaid was away visiting China, so I was glad to finally see her.


Unfortunately, the skies opened up in the afternoon and we spent much of it walking in the rain. We stopped for a cup of tea/coffee/pastries and followed up with a stop to buy umbrellas and rain ponchos. I noticed a basket of blankets just inside the door of the café.  Danish Hygge at its best!

Danish hygge