Denman Island

Another ferry ride, oh boy!

Another ferry ride, oh boy!

After the Sand Sculpting Competition, we moved on to Denman Island to visit with a friend of Leon’s. Brian and Kathy Holt have a terrific house overlooking the strait between Vancouver Island and Denman Island.  Their home is located on 80 acres of farmland where their family raises cattle.  The Holt’s also lease out some water area for oysters and clams to be harvested.  We sat on the deck all afternoon and evening and enjoyed a big steak dinner and some great chats.    I asked Kathy about the Denman chocolate factory as I couldn’t find it on the map.  It turned out that her and her sister Joann work there.  She offered me a tour if we decided to stay until Friday, but we had to take a raincheck on that one.  The closest I got to Denman chocolate was a yummy bar of their dark chocolate that I consumed for dessert that night.  I do have one bar left in my fridge for a treat some other night.

Oyster in the making!

Oyster in the making!

We certainly had a wonderful evening until Leon and I retired to our camper for the night.  That’s when I noticed all the stars at night.  As we are moving further north, the skies are getting darker, so we can see a million bright lights each night.  Fortunately, it’s been clear just about every night on our vacation so far.

How's this for an idyllic setting?

How’s this for an idyllic setting?

2 thoughts on “Denman Island

  1. What a beautiful spot..Glad your enjoying yourselves….Off to lunch with 4 other girls….loving my break as Larry is up at the cottage with his bros..Shockingly Lew felt well enough to want to get away so Larry is thrilled..xoxo Mar


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