sandcastles3We had seen a huge sand castle when we went to pick up our keys to the rental house. It turned out to be the local international sandsculpture display with runs from May to October. I am not sure how they keep the sculptures from being ruined in the rain, but all seemed intact, and very detailed. As usual, I tried to pick my favourite, not an easy task.

There were some quieter days as some of our family started to move on to other European travels or to go home. Leon and I found time to visit the White Sands community a bit south of us, drop in on a kite surfing community where a whole village of campers seem to congregate and visit the nearby village of Ulfborg where I found more brooches for my daughter’s wedding bouquet.

On a rainy day, we visited a town just north of us, Thorsminde. It was a fishing village.

Eventually, the week in western Denmark was over and we all said goodbye as we drove in different directions to complete or continue our holiday. Leon and I went south into Germany and stopped in Bremen for the night. It rained most of the way to Germany and got colder as the day went on. We had a few Kroner in our pockets, so we stopped in Kolding at the mall to buy some fancy shoes. Leon bought some clogs for the garden and I bought some sandals.