sondevig4sondevig10We had to get a beach day in. The beaches of Western Denmark are long sandy stretches. The one closest to us has some old coastal artillery bunkers on it.

In March 1942, the Germans began to focus on anti-aircraft-defenses and in August that year Hitler formed his strategy of building 15.000 bunkers in France, Belgium, Holland, and last but not least the coastal defense in Denmark.

The Kryle-Ringelnatter fortress, which is located 3.8 km north of Søndervig, was part of the Atlantic Wall and was established in 1943-1944. The entire fortress consists of 50 bunkers and there were originally 50 other concrete and wooden structures at the site. Moreover, mine fields and barbed wire surrounded this large fortress.

The Bunkers of Sondevig


I took a long walk along the beach and climbed a huge dune for some pictures. The beaches houses were so gorgeous, all traditional with their thatched roofs, sitting in tall grass like a fairy village.  As a matter of fact, the work faerie, used in Denmark means holiday. Perfect!

Of course we tried to be as Danish as we could and even got together for a smorrebrod lunch with all the usual fixings. Yes pork meatballs, pork loin roast, red cabbage, beets and lots of rye bread were featured in the meal.  Great fun to plan such a meal, but I can’t think of eating it very often. Too rich for me!