The Netherlands are as flat as they say. It was very interesting to drive through the large dike that lead us to Amsterdam. On the way, we saw cows, sheep (more than I saw in NZ), donkeys and camels (!?!). Of course, there are lots of people on bicycles.


We stopped over the large dike that is similar to a causeway. It looks like you are driving over small grassy areas, instead of a large bridge over water as we had seen in Denmark. We stopped to take some pictures. I did get a good look at how a dike is formed but the light was not good enough to make out all the beautiful sailboats in the large bay and beyond in the North Sea.

As we drove nearer to the cities, I couldn’t help but noticing the design of the buildings. Either colourful or of an ususual shape, they all were so innovative!

Our destination for the night was the SS Rotterdam, docked permanently in the large port. It was once the flagship vessel of the fleet, having been used as a transatlantic vessel then later as a cruise ship. Leon and I have never cruised before, so this is as close as we got to living the life of luxury.


We boarded, took our cabin (which was newly decorated and very comfortable), then met up with his oldest son and family for drinks and dinner.  The meal was lovely although we didn’t get served till way past 9:30pm. The kids was being very good as we waited for our food and drank wine or beer.


The next morning we had a gourmet breakfast and said our goodbyes to our family as they continued their trip to Belgium and we made our way to France and the city of Dunkerque (Dunkirk) in the French Flanders.