Last day of holidays, we were sent to the Atlas Sky hotel just outside Casablanca airport. Dinner was a buffet, then we went to bed reasonably early. The internet connection was barely working and Ariane was coming down with a cold. We consoled ourselves about losing that extra day in Barcelona by planning a morning at the spa and doing some shopping in the gift shop. All the pleasure of Morocco without the culture shock.

This morning we had breakfast in the dining room and I went outside for some sun while Ariane went back to sleep. The shop was closed so I just sat around and enjoyed the sun. Our appointment at the spa included a massage for Ariane and a hammam treatment and manicure for me. So, let me explain about the hammam as I had never experienced it before.

The spa rest areaFirst I was given some disposable thong panties and a robe to wear. Next I was instructed to go in an area much like a dry sauna, but not as hot, with benches and a large stone tub with taps above it. The attendant made me lie on my back and poured warm water all over me. Then she put some oily soap on me. Turn over and repeat. Then came the loofa glove treatment followed by another soaping and rinse. It was a bit embarrassing to see just how much of the old winter skin was sloughed away. I must be a bit lighter now than I was before the hammam. After that, I put my robe back on and sat in a resting area for as long as I wanted.

After dressing, I waited for my manicure which was more standard. Ariane had finished her massage and went back up to the room, for a short rest before we went for lunch and packed to leave.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Shuttle to the airport, last minute shopping for a tajine and hurry up and wait while the plane is delayed an hour or so.Unhappy girl

Right now, I have just finished watching 2 movies and am looking forward to seeing my husband at the airport in Montreal while having mixed feelings about our lovely adventure ending. Morocco was a wonderful, colourful tour with much culture shock. Barcelona was yet another city that is competing (in my mind) for the best city in the world. We were most comfortable in Spain, perhaps because it is closer to our Latin roots. Either way, I would love to come back and explore more of Morocco and the rest of Spain on another trip. Travelling with my daughter has been lovely. It reminded me so very often of times with my own mother. She would spoil me and I didn’t appreciate it nearly enough, at least not that she could detect. There have been many times this past week when I was tired or too hot from the long walks and many stairs, or from rushing to catch a train. I think what kept me going most of all was remembering that my own mother could not have kept up due to her poor health. So here’s to you Mom! I hope I am doing you proud and getting to continue the adventure where you couldn’t. Love you, Lea.