This past week I joined 25 of my teaching colleagues in celebrating my Silver Anniversary in teaching. The evening included dinner and a lovely presentation to each teacher with a short biography.  Wow! Amazing that we made it this far! It seems like only a few years ago that I was just grateful to find a job in teaching after working 10 years in industry, mostly in retail. I’ve taught adults how to use email (believe it!), helped mature students complete their high school diploma after a long absence from school and seen a lot of high school students move from my grade 9 French class to their graduating year in my grade 12 Business class. For years, I’ve had the pleasure of pinning a corsage on their graduation gown and congratulating them as they picked up their diploma.  Sometimes, I run into a former student years after they’ve left and they are unfailingly happy to tell me all about how well they are doing now and pleased that I remember them.  Who could ask for a greater reward?  The plaque I received to commemorate the evening is just a tangible expression of some very rewarding years.image