The Ice Hotel – Quebec City

As promised, here are a few pictures from the Ice Hotel in Quebec City.  Remember that it is entirely reconstructed each winter.  The last time we visited, it was located outside the city and had a much different appearance.  Nowadays, it seems to have a permanent entrance and gift shop, as well as a sugar shack and access to the Four Points Hotel by Sheraton.  Many of the rooms are decorated in themes such as the Vikings or Disney.  These larger rooms often have a fireplace (for ambiance, not warmth) and beautifully sculptured walls and ice furniture.  The beds are made of a standard mattress on an ice slab.  According to a couple I met outside the hotel, they provide warm sleeping bags for the guests comfort.  There is an outhouse at the back of the hotel (yup, a blue rocket!) and a spa area with a sauna and 3 hot tubs.  Cold drinks, in ice glasses, are served at the bar.  If you are inclined to get married, the Ice Hotel provides a beautiful chapel complete with pews and an altar.  In past years, I read you could rent a whole wedding outfit, such as a fur cape, so you can have an authentic nordic experience.

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2 thoughts on “The Ice Hotel – Quebec City

    • I won’t deny it’s cold in there either. It would be a once in a lifetime event to spend the night there. I have had a drink at the bar on a previous visit. It tried their ice cider, a house specialty. They have events on some evenings when the bar is rocking. That would keep you warm.


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