Well my townhouse is still not sold.  It will be 3 months on the market tomorrow.  Sigh… Just to pass the time while waiting for a showing, Leon and I were dreaming of summer travel plans.  We would love to buy a camper van like the ones we rented in Australia, but that might be a bit premature, at least until I can sell the house.  So we might just drive his SUV out west, stopping in Colorado, California and north to BC to stay with his family.  I’d love to be away for 4 weeks.  We were looking at rates to see if there are any seniors or military discounts we can take advantage of.  Perhaps we will stay in camp cabins on the way to visit his relatives.  I was joking that I should get someone to pay me to write this blog and rate some of the inexpensive travel ideas for people like us.

In the meantime, school is almost over for me.  Only 3 weeks to go.  The kids are both finishing their summer course but have yet to find a job.  It’s very difficult for them this year.  Earl wants to audition for a play to pursue his interest in theater arts.  I think it’s all volunteer work though.

We’ve been slowly moving furniture and boxes over to the new house.  Today I even had time to pull a few weeds in the yard.  There are many perennials in the yard and I’d like to improve on the look of the gardens.  That takes time and right now I am just trying to make sure I pull weeds, not good plants.  I’ll post some pictures when I find my camera.  It’s been missing in the packing for a while now.

More as it develops…