Today was the last day of school for our grade 12s, their graduation day.  I have one morning of meetings left and I’m free for the next 9 weeks.  This is the culmination of quite a few projects – school is out for the summer, I’ve sold my house and will be turning over the keys next Tuesday, we’ve sort of settled into our new home, my son graduated from College last week and we have bought a camper van so we can take those road trips we talked about in the past 2 yrs.  I am tired but very excited (I lost a night’s sleep over it last weekend when we made the purchase.)

Earl graduation from Algonquin College, June 2012

The Roadtrek is a 1993 with room to sleep 2 adults at the back and 4 seats to ride in.  It has a kitchen and a toilet and all kinds of nifty storage.  And it’s only 19ft long, so I can drive it too.  Leon has been polishing it up since Tuesday and I’ve been transferring some kitchen utensils and food into it slowly.  We are hoping for the maiden voyage to take place this weekend.  Perhaps we will drive south to Gananoque and drive over the bridge to the US to stay a night or two.  No firm plans and it’s a long weekend here, so we don’t want to be disappointed by no vacancy in local campgrounds.

The plan is to go much further afield towards the end of next week – Colorado to visit our friend Matt, another exchange teacher, then to the Napa Valley, up the coast to Seattle and then Vancouver where we will spend some time with family.  It’s sounding mighty good.  I might even have time to read a good book or two during our trip.  As you can see from the pictures below, it’s compact compared to the earlier RV Leon owned.  We had good times in that one too, but this one is more manageable.

Leon’s first RV, a 1992, also pink interior (his favourite!!). All 29 ft of gas guzzling pleasure, that I couldn’t drive. It’s since been sold and replaced with our new Roadtrek.
RV beds – a much larger vehicle, obviously
Roadtrek, view from the rear, that’s the bedroom you are looking at.
Roadtrek front
The new camper, a 1993 Roadtrek