It’s been a month since I posted.  Sorry.  I guess like is not quite as exciting now that we are back home but it’s still busy.

3 weekends ago, Leon had the idea to get away for the weekend to Vermont and do some skiing.  We left on Friday afternoon and drove 5 hours to Smuggler’s Notch.  It’s a great resort with restaurants, pools, hot tub, ski hills, skating rinks, you name it!  Our room was a cozy studio with king size bed and kitchenette.  It was a condo owned by some nice people in New Jersey who rents it out during the year.  Very comfy and all we had to do was park the car for the weekend and walk everywhere.

Saturday morning, the wind was gusting like a gale so I wasn’t too keen on skiing but once we rented our equipment, the weather got milder.  After one run, I went back to change my ski boots for a larger size. Ouch!!

We decided to walk back to our room for lunch.  During that time, a huge downpour started which I thought might ruin the slopes.  But it turned out fine.  The sun came out and we had time for several good runs.  Except for the last run, of course.  That’s the one where all skiers say just one more and end up taking a bad fall.  And that’s exactly what happened.  I fell backwards and bumped my head in some way.  My fingers went numb and I knew I’d better lie still for a while.

The next day my neck was stiff, more like whiplash than a fall.  And my neck and shoulder have been uncomfortable since then.  I’ve since had some physio therapy and things are improving, but I sure gave myself a scare.

Last weekend was the beginning of March Break.  As Leon had school all this past week, we only had time for a romantic but short weekend away in Montreal and then, our favourite, Quebec City. We stayed at the International Hostel and enjoyed some long walks and a nice pub dinner out on Saturday.  On Friday, before we drove out to Quebec, we stayed in Montreal with my buddy Carole and her hubby.  She organized a great reunion with a former boss and friend of ours, Nabil.  We all went out for dinner, Leon and I, Carole and Val, Carole’s brother Pierre and his lovely wife Jean, Nabil and Carole’s cousine Pascale and her new partner.  What a fun night of memories and great company!

Nabil and gang Mar 12
Dinner with Nabil and gang Mar 12







Here are some pics from Vermont:

Vermont – enjoying the ride up
Vermont – one of 3 mountains
Vermont – top of the Morse Mountain
Vermont – view from balcony
Vermont – afternoon sun