We left Fiji this morning at 9am. Yesterday we snorkeled and did a Fiji cooking lesson (chicken long soup – basically chicken noodle) and swam and just watched the activities from our chair at the beach bar.

View of the jette from the sandbar, the beach bar is just off the dock when you arrive at the jette. That's where we sat for our last hours in Malolo.

When the ferry finally came, an hour late (Fiji time), we were sad to say goodbye to our new friends. We did meet another teacher on exchange here. We’ll keep in touch and maybe exchange houses for a weekend or so at some point during the year. They are from Calgary and will be living 3.5 hours from Sydney, in Mudgee.

bye bye Malolo

The ferry ride was filled with mayhem.  The ferry workers kept playing tricks on the resort baggage workers. Each time we had luggage boarded or removed, a ferry worker would secretly fill a bucket with sea water and throw it at the departing luggage crew when they least expected it. As I said, it’s a custom in Fiji to get in the water in the New Year.

ferry back to Nadi

Nadi was unimpressive. I think we stayed in a really nice resort but we got there after dark and left at 5am, so we only had time to see the fancy buffet restaurant. The food was fine but not worth the price.

So on to NZ… It’s a clear day and I am hoping to get a good view from my window seat.