Some of the great activities we did in Fiji were snorkeling, kayaking, a pub crawl and a Fijian cooking lesson. Snorkeling was easy enough to accomplish any day, any time. Just walk out into the ocean, being careful not to crush the coral and you are there. We took an excursion one day and dove for about an hour. I must say I was tired coming back into the boat. Still I found the snorkeling was just as good right outside our bure. No need to go very far.

giant clam about the size of my head

On Jan 2, we borrowed a kayak and took it out to the sandbar in front of our island. It was low tide, so we ended up walking back into deeper areas to snorkel some more. Fun exercise kayaking. Leon blew out his flipflop, trying to wear them so as not to hurt his feet on the sharp coral pieces in the shallow water. In case you wonder, the water is as warm and clear as it looks in the pictures.

kayak to the sandbar

An interesting event was the pub crawl which consists of taking a boat to 3 other resort island and trying their drinks. It was a quiet event, just Leon and me, and I managed to try 3 different rum drinks in just as many hours…and not make a fool of myself.



at Plantation resort pub crawl

Ok, I did falter once getting back into the boat, but that was just because I used the wrong foot getting on, honestly… In the end, we agreed that Malolo Island Resort had the best drinks, but mostly was the nicest resort for our purposes. Plantation resort was larger, and I thought I was in Mexico, with the long line ups for activities. Musket resort was for the Yacht set – not for us, but they certainly had a few nice catamarans docked out front.

Iva and Api at Musket resort

The last resort, Walu, was directly across for our resort and looked so inviting from afar. However, it was older and reminded me on Cuba, something built in the 60s style. Do you suppose the islanders used to look at the neighbouring island, thinking the beach on the other side of the bay looked so much better than their own?

Leon having his 3rd beer at Walu Resort, already missing Malolo.