We lost a day coming over the dateline but I think the celebrations over here were worth it. It’s a custom in Fiji to get wet on the New Year, so we were warned in the invitation to the festivities not to wear anything that couldn’t get wet.

NYE toast with Scott

The evening started at sunset at the beach bar with music and champagne. Then off to the Tree Top outdoor restaurant for a sumptuous buffet of seafood and grilled meats. Delish! Lots more champagne to toast the New Year and a show put on by Fijian dancers around the pool. At midnight, there were fireworks and everyone gets thrown in the pool. Leon and I had our concerns during the day when we saw them connecting the neon sign over the pool. We sure hoped nothing would fall into it once we were all swimming and dancing in the water.

One of the quaint traditions is even the staff gets into the water. We laughed and sang and danced, staff and tourists, one big family.

everybody in the pool at midnite

Here’s the full movie version.