arriving at Malolo, Dec 30

Fiji, Dec 31 noon.  We arrived yesterday about this time from Vancouver, via LAX.  Uneventful flight!  We thought we’d pick up a few fruit and other goodies for our room so we can make our own picnics rather than eat at the resort restaurants all the time.  We got pineapple, papaya, mangoes and bananas.  Unfortunately, Leon seems to have lost the bananas along the way.  Not sure where or why…

bure terrace Dec 30/10 - arrival day

Of course, we arrived tired yesterday, having lost a full day as we crossed the dateline.  Dec 29, 2010 just doesn’t exist in our history.  After a swim and a few drinks at the swim up bar, we finally got our bure (room).  And shortly thereafter, we poured ourselves a glass of wine and found the hammock overlooking the ocean.  You can measure how long it took us to fall asleep in seconds.

moments before falling asleep on the hammock - Dec 30

After a nap, we wandered over for a snorkel and a few more drinks, some at sunset, where they light the torches in a brief drum ceremony.  Dinner was a grilled tuna salad at the beach bar.  Ok, it’s rough, but somebody has to do it!

Yesterday’s weather was sunny and hot for the most part.  There was a good storm last night and I woke up at one point from what sounded like a coconut hitting the roof.  Once the rain cleared this morning, the sun was out again and we did a little snorkeling.

parrot fish, soft coral reef - Dec 31 am

Lots planned for today but mostly rest.  It seems even Leon’s computer is exhausted and refuses to start up.  Lucky I brought 2 of my own.

We have way too much luggage along and will have to look into forwarding some of it directly to AU so we can travel lighter.

Enjoy the pictures.  I’ll write more later.