IMG_1350Sorry to leave you hanging on the last of our adventure in Australia. When we got home on January 31st, we had 8 days to get ready to move to our new home. Things are starting to settle down, so I can continue my tale.

We spent 2 days and nights in Wodonga, on the border of Victoria and NSW. Our friend Gavan was waiting to take us to the local military museum, where we spent much of the afternoon exploring yet another collection of cherished memories which were undoubtedly donated from loving relatives of veterans.  The collection of vehicles, uniforms and badges was quite extensive, and kept up to date! As a surprise, we discovered a picture of our friend Darryl, currently serving in the middle east. We had just stayed with his family earlier in the month.


We returned to Gavan and Margaret’s house and enjoyed an afternoon tea before we took a drive to the Hume Dam. Gavan told us the reservoir created by this dam is about the size of 6 Sydney Harbours! That is huge!!! The bridge beyond spans over the two states – Victoria and NSW.


It was a very hot day, so we were happy to take a long soak in their salt water pool before dinner and a great game of cards!

The next day, we took a drive to Beechworth where we stopped for lunch at a local brewery and pizzeria.  We stopped to look at the old goal which will be converted to some sort of small business cooperative.

We went back to the house, took a nice long swim and played yet another great game while we waited for Margaret to get back from her sport activities. The game they introduced us to was the Mexican Train. They learned about it in Canada last summer. Anyone ever heard of it?  We must look it up and get one to play with the grandkids.