We’ve been in NZ for 3 days, mostly in the Northlands.  Today, we went out for a day excursion to visit the northern-most point of this country – Cape Reinga, where the Pacific ocean and the Tasman sea meet.  We took a bus tour that included a visit to a gum (rubber) digger site, a drive on 90 mile beach and a stop to ride boogie boards down gigantic dunes.  Walking up the sand mountains is quite a workout!  Leon walked up even higher dunes and I was all poised to take his picture.  I got 3 good shots of… sand!  The sun was so bright, I couldn’t even see what I was shooting at.  I missed Leon completely.  And he wasn’t about to go up for a 3rd time to satisfy my bad photography skills.

The rest of the tour included some mean fish and chips.  Tomorrow we drive south to Rotorua, land of the Maori culture.  Huge driving day!

Leon is second from the bottom, up the dune
Somebody stop me!



dune rider
Dune Rider bus
90 mile beach
Cape Reinga
Van Diemen lighthouse Cape Reinga
where Pacific meets Tasman sea
Paihia view from our b&b