alligator alley2

The morning was warmer than the previous one but not exactly your usual Florida March Break heat.  We drove along the Tamiami Trail, aka Alligator Alley, as we headed east to the Atlantic side and the Florida Keys.

alligator alleyStopping for a coffee on the roadside, we spent a few minutes looking at the everglades.  There was a waterway nearby when airboats can be chartered.  Leon remarked that there were no alligators in sight.  Just as he said that, a good sized fellow came swimming along for us to have a good look at him.  He seemed almost friendly, but I didn’t want to find out if alligators make good friends or not.  At least I got some good photos.

Along the road we noticed many large birds, about the size of buzzards.  Once in a while, you might find a group of them together, feeding.  Sure enough, a group was feeding on an alligator.  I sort of wondered how they got under that thick hide.

florida buzzards

Eventually, we got to the end of the trail and found a spot for the night in Homestead.  The campground was alright, although a bit old.  It advertised its Tiki Bar.  There seems to be a lot of Tiki Bars in these parts.  Odd, I thought that would be a Polynesian thing, not a Florida thing. Anyway, we went for a bit of sun at the pool.  The wind was so cold, we were fully dressed and never did go for a swim.

pool in Homestead

Later on, we stopped at the Tiki Bar for a cocktail, it being St. Paddy’s Day and all.  The crowd was thin and I was still cold from the wind.  We retired to our Roadie, had a quiet dinner inside and slept a good long night.