san luis resort 2Ok, I might be a bit partial to long beaches, but I found Galveston our prettiest destination on the Gulf so far.  We arrived on a windy day when the waves were wild (OMG, sorry for the alliteration).  Leon had read that there was a coastal Artillery station in Galveston and wanted to visit what was left of it.

We drove to the exclusive San Luis Resort and Spa on the waterfront and went inside to ask the concierge if she had some information about the history of Fort Crocket.  She was delighted to give us as much info as she had and took us on a short tour so we could take photos of the gun emplacements.  Leon knows all the cool spots, right?san luis resort 1

Our walk took us through the pool and bar area which were very inviting in spite of the cool and windy weather.  I stopped to photograph some of the cabanas in hopes we might recreate that look in our new house.  Then we walked into the villa zone where Leon got an even better look at the gun emplacement.  Lucky residents of the villas, they don’t know what a great spot they have!

We moved on to our campsite for the night, driving along a very long seawall towards the western part of Galveston Island, Jamaica Beach.  You can either bike or walk for several kilometres until you come to the private rental homes along the beach.  I could imagine us renting a beachhouse for a month. The houses were rather large and colourful.

Our campsite was billed as a tropical resort with heated pool, hot tub and tiki bar.  It might be like that in the high season, but they considered this still winter, so many of the amenities were not available.  Still, we enjoyed the hot tub for a while before dinner.

I fried up some grouper I had purchased the previous evening with blackening spice.  It was quite delicious but it left me with terrible stomach cramps.  Hummmm, I wondered if I hadn’t been poisoned by gluten.  But the product website said they were gluten-free. Could I have been reading alternate facts?  At any rate, after a quiet time lying in bed, the stomach pains went away and I was fine.  Too bad, that grouper was quite fresh and delicious.grouper dinner

This morning we got up to the sound of grackles, more melodious than their northern cousins. The wind had died down and the air was warm.  After a wonderful breakfast of rice cakes and almond butter, along with grapefruit picked at my friend Bill’s place, we left our campsite to drive on to Louisiana.  But not without a quick stop at the beach to see the surf.  Loved it!!!