enjoying-a-rainy-night-in-south-padreWe drove through San Antonio in a rain storm.  As a matter of fact, we drove all the way to Corpus Christi in the rain.  Wow, is our vacation weather never going to improve?  And then we had to stop in San Antonio to get Roadie checked, yet again.  That took a few hours, so we had a very late lunch at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant.  Our first time.

Anyway, we arrived at our campsite near South Padre Island, in the dark.  We set up quickly and enjoyed an evening of watching the thunderstorm around us.  It was a bit like a drive-in movie.  Dinner didn’t really happen since we were pretty full from lunch.  So after a few hours of catching up on our emails, we went to bed with visions of nicer weather dancing in our heads.  At least we could feel it was much warmer!  The inside of the camper was 27C, compared to as low as 9C in California and Arizona.

This morning we got up to some clouds but it felt quite warm.  It was actually 24C, 30C in the humidity.  I have to say my joints are killing me but this is better than what is going on back home.

After a good breakfast, we wandered off to find the beach.  The surf was rough and the tide was high, but it didn’t stop us from walking for a good while.  The water was certainly not hot enough for us to swim.

We got into Roadie and started exploring.  Back in Corpus Christi, we found the sea wall which stretches for 2.5 miles along the Bay.  We saw some very nice estates on or within view of the Gulf. And then we headed towards the shops for some dinner fixings.  We were not disappointed.  Paul’s Seafood Market sold me some fresh grouper and large shrimp for a seafood feast.

Corpus Christi skyline

Back at the campsite, I de-winterized Roadie with a good scrubbing and sorted our warm clothes while Leon enjoyed some downtime.  He can’t always be driving, right?  I did some laundry and prepared a vegetable rice to go with our shrimp.  By then we had decided we only wanted the shrimp for dinner.

We were not disappointed!  I cooked the shrimp in a pan on the bbq with butter, oil, blackening spice and lime sea salt.  Yummo!!!

This evening we stored even more items away to make Roadie more comfortable.  And now we are just relaxing before we head out to Galveston tomorrow.

As I had promised myself, toes in the sand, enjoying a nice long walk, pain-free.