img-20170224-00035After a couple of days of travelling south, we finally met up with our BC friends in Dana Point, CA.  We had stayed there the previous year and enjoyed it very much.  The state park is right on the beach, so I could more than satisfy my urge to walk on the sand.


In the 2 days we stayed, we managed some long walks, a bike ride and a great tea break at the Dana Point Marina.

img-20170224-00027The weather was sunny but very cool come sunset.  Despite our friends’ firepit, we couldn’t stay outside for more than an hour after sunset.  No worries, we managed a delicious bbqued dinner and some good conversation about their travels so far this winter, many of which were not as planned due to some serious structural problems with their trailer.  The weather in the southwest has been wetter and colder than usual as well.  I guess there is always next year!dana-point-surfers