roadie in Death ValleyYou may have heard the term Glamping, camping in a glamourous camper, often an older vehicle that’s been restored to what the owner thinks vintage glamour should look like.  We have our own vintage campervan, aka Roadie, which is in need of a spruce up.

Roadie needs braces to fix its crooked smile.

The list of updates are as follows:

  • Do bodywork and repaint the exterior to the original white.  We hope to add some sort of exterior decoration later but haven’t found anything we like so far.
  • Replace the curtains with a more attractive fabric, something that will minimize the old rose colour of the upholstery.
  • Change to the vinyl flooring to a wood look vinyl plank.
  • Paint the wood cabinets to a lighter colour to lighten up the interior.
  • Improve the storage in the closet/water closet area so my clothes stops falling out.
  • Make sure the heater works for next winter’s trip south through the higher elevations (see my post of visiting the Grand Canyon where it was -6C that night).
Here’s an inside view showing the rose curtains & upholstery.  Nice stay at a winery in Indiana with a huge storm raging outside.  It was Canada Day, we had our own fireworks courtesy of Mother Nature.

I’ve been looking for just the right fabric to use on the curtains and thought I found a great floral that reminded me of drapes in the 50s.  The colours work well with the existing grey and rose upholstery and the plum carpet.  I thought I could just buy 2 panels of drapery and add the fabric to the existing curtains.  That way I don’t have to change out the hardware and the extra layer would act as additional darkening panels for late morning sleep-ins.

Since I was changing out the curtains, I also bought a nice set of sheets to make a new duvet cover for our bed.  The only thing left to do was to pick out a wall colour once we found the flooring we wanted.  Of course a trip to the local Home Depot and Rona did not yield any flooring we liked.  The stuff I liked was all sold out.  And Leon doesn’t do colours.

Today I finally got a chance to start measuring and cutting the drape fabric.  I was hoping to have the job done by the end of the day so I can put the panels back up in preparation for a short trip we have coming up next week. Alas, I didn’t measure or estimate very well.  The panels require much wider fabric that I bought.  And I don’t have nearly enough of it!  You know the old saying, measure twice, cut once.  I’m changing that to measure twice, buy once.

I guess a trip to the fabric store is in order.  I’ll update you as I make more progress on this “little” project.

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