victoria weekend gang
Super bunch of exchange teachers in Victoria, BC

I couldn’t wait to retire so I could catch up on all my other activities!!  Ya, right!!  I barely have time to check in here and tell you about my travels.  Just quickly, Leon and I spent the weekend in Victoria with a group of exchange teachers for a conference.  The conference organizer was a local and showed us so many heritage sites in the city that I didn’t know existed.  I’ve always loved Victoria for its flowers and music but now I love it even more!

posabilities pub night
Leon and I helped out at the Langley Pos-Abilities Pub Night last month.

Other activities in my life are working very hard as a volunteer to promote teaching exchanges and my duties as a treasurer on 2 different boards.  Of course, I am still crocheting socks.  My latest attempt has kept me challenged to say the least.

I’ll be back with more travel news when I get a chance to catch up on all my volunteer duties.  Till then, enjoy this glorious spring!