barcelonaTo celebrate my daughter’s graduation, we are planning a trip to Casablanca and Barcelona for the March Break.  Neither of us knows much about these destinations but Ariane has always wanted to visit Morocco and I’ve always wanted to visit Spain, so it was a good compromise.  Besides, we couldn’t find an organized tour that was available for the dates we wanted.  So, why not organize our own?

Ariane has a friend in Barcelona, so I hope she will organize a day or so for us.  We plan to travel light, probably with a backpack each, so we can be mobile and save a bit of luggage space for our return trip which might include some new purchases. At this point, we have our flights booked but not our accommodations.  I will have to do some more research this week to try to firm that up.  We are thinking of staying at a youth hostel in Barcelona to save a bit and to be central to the downtown core.  Sights we want to see are any basilicas in Spain and the Picasso museum.  Of course, Ariane and her friend what to hit the nightclubs at least one night.

More as the plans evolve.  Anyone having insight on this trip is welcomed to comment.